About the Book

Hands across the Sea

Brace yourselves for some butt-kicking real action. Brian Cook’s book debut, Hands across the Sea, will take you to the never-before-seen setting on the other side of the line.

Nothing prepares the office of the sheriff, known as the Agency, for the sudden resignation of their sheriff, Garrison Cottrell, and the appearance of Brendan Callaghan as the next-in-line sheriff. Controversy after controversy fog the Agency as law enforcers try to defy law themselves.


About the Book

The Thin Blue Li(n)e

Not your typical law enforcement book—corrupt cops, chasing of criminals, and gunshots—The Thin Blue Li(n)e delivers a behind-the-scenes of the real world of law enforcement agents.

A continuation of where Hands across the Sea left off, The Thin Blue Li(n)e brings back the character of Sheriff Brendan Callaghan. Join his adventures with Undersheriff Maxwell as they as they try to expose the truth behind the complaint filed by the Union.


About the Author

Brian Cook is a retired lieutenant of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. He served for fourteen years in the supervisory trenches. He started his law enforcement career in the North County Jail and worked in the Administrative Segregation section.

Over his twenty years of service, he has received various commendations and honors. Brian is currently a member of several writing groups and networks. His literary influences include Alex Haley, Ralph Wiley, and Stephen King.


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